Phreess Games with a Twist!

Quantum Random Number Generator

True Randomness

With the help of a QRNG model from the Australian National University (ANU), we can provide truly random numbers in our games to ensure a a truly random experience.

House Edge

Negative House Edge

With a -1% House Edge, we will allow our players to earn tokens in the long run from our games. Not only that, but we will allow Phreess to become more known and become a success!

Provably Fair

Trustless Gaming

The Games are Provably Fair and can be checked with any computer with hash functions. Each game contains it's own ProvablY Fair solution, so you may want to check that out!

Note: You can read more about the Quantum Random Number Generator at:

Maximization of Extractable Randomness in a Quantum Random-Number Generator

Real time demonstration of high bitrate quantum random number generation with coherent laser light